Pleasant Medical Centre Organises Medical Outreach 

Pleasant Medical Centre Organises Medical Outreach 

Gbetseli-Ghana, June 26, GNA – Pleasant Medical Centre at Ashaiman Middle East has organised medical outreach for the Church of Pentecost Goodnews Assembly in Gbetseli District, a suburb of Kpone Katamanso Municipality, in the church auditorium.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency, Tema Mr. Aaron Mensah, Operations Manager at a Pleasant Medical Centre, stated that the medical outreach exercise included malaria tests, typhoid tests, blood pressure and weight checks, sugar level checks, and haemoglobin level checks.

He mentioned that the medical outreach exercise would help educate the members of the church on how well they can care for their health and, therefore, the need to consume a well-balanced diet to avoid any health implications.

Ms Keziah Darko, a Registered Nurse at Pleasant Medical Centre, also said hypertension and diabetes are outrageous, hence the need for the health talk to educate the members of the church.

“One needs to check their blood pressure level regularly, check their sugar level, and also consume a well-balanced diet”, she added.

According to the Registered nurse, what we consume should be healthy because having a bad eating lifestyle might endanger one’s life. When a person is hypertensive, they should limit their sodium intake, avoid spices, and avoid excessive alchemical consumption.

Miss Darko, again explained that the high intake of fatty foods or processed meat should be reduced rather than replaced with fish.

“Consuming excessive sugar prones one to diabetes; therefore, physical activities should be encouraged”, she stated.

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Again, the pancreas is an organ that produces a hormone called insulin that plays a major role in diabetes, so the sugar we consume when stored in the blood stream and the pancreas is not able to store the glucose may lead to diabetes. Thus, the intake of sugar should be reduced to remain healthy.

She advised that the malaria outbreak is due to our poor hygienic status, hence the need to clear off empty cans in the environment to prevent mosquitoes from bleeding, and we also have to keep our environment clean.

Also, she urged that we visit the health facility for checkups and for treatment when one falls sick.

Ms Caroline Tsanese said the health talk would help her maintain good health and also go for a proper dietary plan.

Mr. Kingsley Joojo Bentum said Pleasant Medical Centre has really educated them enough on how to maintain the good well-being of an individual, and he seeks to engage in good lifestyle practices for good health and maintenance by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Mr. Daniel Antwi, Presiding Elder at the Church of Pentecost Goodnews Assembly, explained that he would practise healthy living.

He appealed to Pleasant Medical Centre to organize medical outreach for the church members more often, or every three months in a year.

He encouraged all to take their health seriously and avoid bad lifestyle practices that may have health implications.

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